Monday, May 19, 2008

They're getting into EVERYTHING

The babies are officially on the MOVE and they're into everything!! Cambria started crawling on April 7th. Brynlee began crawling on April 11th. Weston started crawling on April 17th and Addison just started crawling on Friday--May 16th! It's so fun to see them exploring everything, but it's also a little crazy. One morning I found Weston stuck underneath the exersaucer. What a cutie!

Cambria loves to crawl underneath her walker. She's just so full of personality!
Addison is just such a sweet boy! We don't have pictures of him into things yet, but I'm sure that he'll learn from his brother and sisters soon enough!

Here's Brynlee crawling on top of Weston. I'm not sure why they love to climb over each other, but it's sure funny!
Here's Brynlee, Weston and Cambria crawling around the house

Here's Weston exploring the toy chest that Jeremiah made for his Eagle Scout project way back when!

I found Cambria making a mess. She pulled herself up to a stand next to the couch and grabbed my graham crackers and dumped them all over. Nothing in the house is no longer safe. Brynlee also had to get in on the fun!

Cambria thoroughly enjoyed my graham crackers!


CASSIE said...


Leah said...

Hey girl....I love all these's just the beginning of major babyproofing!! I totally want to see them in action. I love all the other posts too!

Fowler Farm said...

Holy cow Jane! AHHHH! I love the pictures. I love how they crawl on top of each other. And those pictures of Cambria under the saucer are hillarious. They sure are getting cute. I am excited to see you taday. Talk to you later.

Rees Family said...

Hey Jayne,
Way to go on all of your posts. I cannot believe they are already active!! Yikes!!! Too bad you couldn't have had a Brooklyn where they don't move for like 18 months. :) Love the pics and the video was adorable. Keep posting. We love seeing pics of your cute babies.

Sweety Hope said...

Hi, I have just discovered your blog

2 other quads mom from Arizona have a blog and their quads were born also in 2007
Graf (Arizona, November 19 2007)

Tubre (Arizona, September 19 2007)

c said...

I love that you are remembering to enjoy their mischeif - it will keep you sane (saner). I love the picture of them crawling over each other! SO funny!

sarahjaneg said...

I LOVE watching them grow! MAN....IT IS SO FUN TO SEE THEM CRAWL...especially on top of each other!

Cami D. said...

Oh my goodness Jayne they are Adorable!!

SunGood said...

And so it begins! I am dying they are so stinkin' cute! I would love to get together, especially now that it's summmer, we have nothing going on! Are you going to Jen's jewelry party on Tues?? If so I will so you there!!

D and Brittany said...

Holy cow, you are SO busy! They are all so cute, too. Today at church, my little one was very interested in one of your girls that Nedra was holding, it was really funny to watch them interact! Glad I found you here! :)

The Carlsons said...

how fun! i can't believe i found you and your family! we are a local family that also has quads, GGGG. they were just born on 3/4/08 at good sam hospital by PPA (dr. lam). kathy, the u/s tech at mesa, always talked about you guys (and showed us the pictures you'd send them) and said we should get in contact with you.

man, i can't imagine our four crawling around and getting into things like yours. but i guess it WILL happen sometime in the near future ;) i'm sure life is always busy and on the go for you guys!

-from a fellow quad mom of GGGG

Rees Family said...

We're ready for birthday pictures!!! Lunch Friday? You missed last week, so you better be there this week. :)