Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?!

Here's just a flashback to July of this year. Arizona is very toasty in the summer and this is one of the activities that we did with the babies to survive the indoor entrapment. I set up a blow up baby pool in the back yard, but we didn't do this very often because while the babies were nice and cool splashing in the water, I was melting in the AZ heat!Cambria

Addison always loves to have something in his mouth--his finger, a toy or food.



The whole gang enjoying the water

Nursery Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you couldn't tell from the title of this post how excited I am that my babies entered into nursery at church on Sunday!! It was so thrilling! Weston and Cambria were in one nursery and Brynlee and Addison were in the other. Everyone did great except for Addison. Addison cried for his parents, so I spent the two hours in nursery with him. Everyone else could care less about mommy and daddy not being there. That's pretty great odds! It's interesting how Addison just got stranger anxiety about 3 weeks ago and how my Cambria got stranger anxiety many months ago. When you have four babies at once, it's fascinating to see how different they are and how differently they develop from each other and at what speeds they do everything. It's so nice not to have to chase our babies around the church building any more! I love the nursery program! I can't believe they are already 18 months! Jeremiah and I agreed that we will take turns if Addison needs us sitting in nursery with him, sooooo, next Sunday I can finally get some spiritual enrichment at church!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be grateful for!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year at grandma and grandpa Cluff's house with Jeremiah's sisters and their families and Jeremiah's aunt and uncle and their families. In the morning we went on a family walk on the canal with my sister Jeannine and her family. Unfortunately, right before we walked out the door, Brynlee tripped over her feet and hit her head on the corner of a door jam. She got the hugest goose egg on her forehead and the day before she got a black eye in the bath tub when she hit her eye on Cambria's head. This is the age of accidents!You can't tell very well from this picture, but Brynlee has a large goose egg forming on her forehead and a black eye.

Here are the boys before our walk. On our walk with the Pearts it started to rain. We ended up running back to the house for the remainder of the walk in the pouring down rain.

Jeremiah and I realized that Thanksgiving will never be the same with kids as it was before. Having four hungry babies to feed isn't exactly relaxing. Here's Brynlee in grandma and grandpa's old high chair that Jeremiah used to eat in. She loved the rolls!
Here's Cambria enjoying her roll.

Here's Addison and Weston enjoying their meal. I know you're wondering why they have pink bibs on. These are the best bibs for catching food that falls from their mouth and hands and I got them from my sister and all she had was pink. The Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I make a broccoli and cauliflower salad every year we have Thanksgiving with the Cluffs.

The kids' favorite part of the day was playing outside in grandma and grandpa's large back yard. Grandpa even pulled them around in a wagon behind his lawn mower.

Jeremiah got out his fancy camera and took some great shots of the babies. He is very good at photography. Here's Cambria and her adorable curls. I'm so glad she got daddy's hair and not mine!

I love the lighting in this picture of Brynlee

Weston is just all boy! He's rough and tough and always getting into grimy stuff. Here he is exploring grandpa's old cans of rotting screws.
Addison and Cambria--I think that they look a lot alike.
Here's our sweet little lady, Cambria These shots of Addison are so great!

Brynlee and mommy--mommy's smiling in this shot.

Brynlee and mommy-Bryn is smiling in this shot!

The Four Little M&M's

Our 4 little M&M's on HALLOWEEN NIGHT
Grandma and Cambria with her two favorite fingers
Addison playing with his cousin Parker



Aunt Cheri and me struggling to get the kids to sit down for a picture--yeah right!!

Me and Addison in a zone

Doesn't Weston have the most beautiful eyes?

Brynlee has the classic Alfred Hitchcock bottom lip--such a doll she is!

Cambria and Weston digging into a treat bowl outside of our neighbor's home

At our ward's annual trunk or treat, 4 of the girls in our ward dressed up as our babies for Halloween. I thought it was a very cute idea!

Here are the quads with the Halloween costumed quads

Weston with daddy at the trunk or treat

Addison is just so handsome!

Cambria's curls are just beautiful!

Brynlee with our dear friend and adopted aunt-Christi (Such a great costume!)

I'm sure you've all been wondering what our babies were for Halloween. It's almost Christmas and I'm finally getting a post up. We've had computer issues! Believe it or not, Jeremiah and I made them M&M costumes. I sewed the costumes, but Jeremiah had the whole pattern in his head. He even cut out all of the M's. Our first attempt at the costume was a flop. We made a pillow-looking thing that barely fit over the kids' heads because it was so stuffed full of cotton. Then we moved to simplify and I'm so happy that they actually worked out. Everyone wore the color they were assigned at birth. Cambria-pink, Brynlee-yellow, Addison-blue and Weston-green. From birth we always tried to give them bottles and other items in their color to keep their stuff separated.
We had our ward trunk or treat a couple of days before Halloween and the babies loved walking around and Jeremiah and I loved getting lots of candy because of our kids.
Halloween was fun! I don't know if the kids really got it, but it was fun to go trick or treating with them at our neighbors' homes. We were courageous and tried to let them walk around to the doors. It got a bit crazy as they all ran different directions.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Four Walking Wonders

Weston walking like a pro in his Halloween costume!

Here's a picture of Addison when he was just learning to walk.

Brynlee leaving Weston in the dust

Brynlee walking next to Addison and Weston

Cambria practicing walking


This post is extremely overdue, but that's how things go around here.

Cambria took her first steps on June 25th at 12 1/2 months and then started walking consistently on August 12th at 14 months.
Brynlee took her first steps on July 14th at 13 months and then started walking consistently on July 28th at 131/2 months.
It's funny how much time passed from the time they took took their first steps to the time when they walked all the time.
Addison took his first steps on August 27th at 14 1/2 months and then began walking consistently on September 4th at almost 15 months.
Weston took his first steps on September 17th at 15 months and then walking consistently on September 28th at 15 1/2 months.

I just love this stage of them all walking. I really think that having them all walk has made things a whole lot easier for me. It's so fun to see them exploring everything now. It gets a bit messy sometimes, but I prefer this to trying to feed four infants in the beginning. I just love seeing their cute little personalities coming out. They are saying so much and doing so many new things every day.