Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Cambria, Addison, Weston & Brynlee!

Happy 1st Birthday Cambria, Addison, Weston and Brynlee!!! We can hardly believe we've survived the first year and that our babies are now 1!! It has been the happiest year I can ever remember--although there are many parts of this year that have felt like a blur, so I can't remember many details. Cambria, Addison, Weston and Brynlee have brought more joy and happiness to my life then I could have ever imagined. They've also brought more exhaustion, but it's all so worth it to have their special spirits in our home.
June 6th was the special day and we celebrated by holding a birthday party for them in our home with family and some friends. We had pizza and cake and then opened presents. The babies absolutely loved the cakes I made for them, as you will see in the following pictures. They got lots of great gifts from family and friends. I think their favorite part of the night was eating their cakes and playing with the wrapping paper!

Brynlee, Daddy, Cambria, Mommy, Weston and Addison
The cake from Costco
The cakes I made

Addison with his cake

Weston with his cake

Brynlee with her cake

Cambria with her cake

Cambria and Addison with Uncle Ray

Addison flirting with our friend, Shelby

Weston enjoying all the wrapping paper and thinking about the complexities of life.
Weston playing with his new truck with one of his biggest fans, Christi
Brynlee just hanging out

Brynlee just loved her new ball

Brynlee helping mommy open up her presents
Here's a video clip of the babies exploring their birthday cakes.