Monday, May 19, 2008

They're getting into EVERYTHING

The babies are officially on the MOVE and they're into everything!! Cambria started crawling on April 7th. Brynlee began crawling on April 11th. Weston started crawling on April 17th and Addison just started crawling on Friday--May 16th! It's so fun to see them exploring everything, but it's also a little crazy. One morning I found Weston stuck underneath the exersaucer. What a cutie!

Cambria loves to crawl underneath her walker. She's just so full of personality!
Addison is just such a sweet boy! We don't have pictures of him into things yet, but I'm sure that he'll learn from his brother and sisters soon enough!

Here's Brynlee crawling on top of Weston. I'm not sure why they love to climb over each other, but it's sure funny!
Here's Brynlee, Weston and Cambria crawling around the house

Here's Weston exploring the toy chest that Jeremiah made for his Eagle Scout project way back when!

I found Cambria making a mess. She pulled herself up to a stand next to the couch and grabbed my graham crackers and dumped them all over. Nothing in the house is no longer safe. Brynlee also had to get in on the fun!

Cambria thoroughly enjoyed my graham crackers!

Our babies are finally active!

Our babies' first day to go to church since their blessing was May 4th!! It was a joyous and exhausting occasion. They haven't gone to church because our pediatrician told us to wait until May to take them because May marks the official end of the RSV season. The wait paid off--no one got RSV!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Nedra and the Turleys we survived our first Sunday with the babies and we even stayed all three hours. Jeremiah and I came home from church and crashed and the babies did too, thank goodness! It's amazing what a sweat Jeremiah and I worked up right before church getting the babies ready. It's quite the workout! Addison, Cambria, Brynlee and Weston were such good babies! Addison spent most of church with the Turleys, Weston was with Nedra and Cambria and Brynlee stayed with me and Jeremiah. It's nice to have the ward members finally know that we really did have quadruplets!

Here's Addison, Brynlee Weston and Cambria right when we got home from church

Every meal is an adventure!

Mealtime with four babies is always an adventure! It's always very messy and oh so much fun to clean up :)! The babies are trying out more and more table foods. I feel like more food is going on their faces and clothes then in their mouths, but we're trying. I just love these messy pictures of my cute kiddos!

Weston wearing his biter biscuit




Cambria, Brynlee, Weston and Addison in their highchairs

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Healthy Change

I've discovered an awesome new health product that I want to tell everyone about. It's really been life changing for me. Being a quadruplet mom is exhausting and tough on my body. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel a few months ago and I believe that it came from lifting four babies all day. Also, I was pretty much tired all the time. It's been amazing because since I've been taking Vemma everyday, my wrists don't ache anymore and I really feel like I have more energy. I still love my naps, but I truly feel like I have more strength. I really like taking this vitamin supplement because it helps me get all the nutrition I need everyday. It's 100 times better than V8 :)!! If any of you are looking for something extremely healthy that will make you feel better, you might want to give Vemma a try. It's worked for me!
Click on the Vemma logo at the top left of our blog to learn more or just ask me about it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Car seat Suggestions?

Brynlee and Addison--the day they came home from the NICU
July 12, 2007

Weston and Cambria--the day they came home from the NICU
July 13, 2007

Our beautiful girls

Our handsome boys

Our babies in their car seats recently--it's amazing how well
they fill out their car seats now in comparison to when they
came home from the NICU.

All of our babies are about 20 pounds and they'll be 1- year olds soon!!! So, Jeremiah and I need to start searching for forward facing car seats. Please let me know what car seat you all recommend we get.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Jeremiah had his 33rd birthday on April 17th!!! He is such a wonderful person and I'm very lucky to be his wife. He is such an amazing father to our kids. They love being with their daddy.
We love you Jeremiah!

In this picture above, all of the babies sang "Happy Birthday" to Jeremiah before he left for work--okay I sang it to him, but the babies did say "dada" a lot. They must have known it was their dad's B-day!

I made my first homemade strawberry shortcake for Jeremiah's birthday! It actually turned out delicious! When Jeremiah got home from work we all had party hats on to celebrate the day. I thought the babies looked adorable in their party hats!
The very proud father and his partying babies on his big day!
Here's Cambria playing with a string for a broken party hat. She is so curious about everything these days.
Here's Addison wondering what in the world is on his head.
Here's Weston chowing down on his Transformers party hat. Jeremiah loves that movie. Here's Brynlee wondering where her piece of cake is.
Jeremiah's family came over to our house the Sunday after his birthday to celebrate with a nice dinner and a cake his mom made. The babies had a blast with their cousins Morgan and Parker and their uncle Ray and aunt Candy and their grandparents. I think the babies' favorite part of daddy's birthday was all the wrapping paper they got to play with!