Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Tremendous Twos are Here!!

This is how we all feel at the end of a day. Life with four two year olds is fun and very tiring.
Brynlee, Addison, Weston and Cambria have turned two years old! We had a fun birthday party for them on their big day--June 6th!! I can't believe that they are already two, but they are definitely showing that they are two. Sweet, fun-loving, busy, tantruming, messy and into everything these days. I thought that in this post I would give many examples of them showing that they are two! I don't want to call this age the terrible twos because it's really not terrible, it's just tremendous! Tremendously fun, exhausting, messy and busy!

When you have four kids the same age it gets pretty crazy because what one kid thinks of the others copy. They've all started pulling off their diapers during nap time and it is so disturbing. We've been using duct tape to keep them on, but on Saturday we ran out so I used painter's tape and boy was that a mistake. Painter's tape does NOT stay on diapers!! I heard some fussing during nap time and I entered the girls' room to find this horrific mess:

Can you believe that such a sweet thing could do such a gross thing?!

I was not very happy with Brynlee or Cambria. At least Cambria didn't go to the bathroom in her crib, but still--the mess is just awful. I put Brynlee in Cambria's crib while I cleaned up Bryn's crib.

Onto happier's a cute picture of Cambria at the splash pad. She loved it!

Here's Brynlee with water spilled all over her. The kids are into grabbing everything they can off the counter tops and spilling it all over.

Here's Cambria loving playing in the mud outside! To be two again!

The kids just love playing with their cousins, Spencer, Smith, McCray, Isabelle and Malia. It's so fun to have them and my sister, Jeannine and her husband, John so close by. They love being pulled around in their wagon. Here's McCray doing the task.

It's so fun because now that the kids are two they can play at the park without me worrying constantly that they're going to fall off because they now know how to go down the slide by themselves!

Brynlee and Addison with Mommy

Weston loves the swings!

Bubble time is always a favorite activity around our house...

the gals
Brynlee is in heaven. She's always asking for "bubble."

All of the kids absolutely love the phone. They are always walking around with play phones and talking on them. It's so cute!

Here's Cambria talking on two different phones!!

We're trying to have the kids have snack time at their little table and chairs. They love it, but sometimes it's just easier to sprinkle cheerios or goldfish on the floor for them to pick at like little birds.

Weston and Bryn

Cambria is the only one sitting at the table like a good girl!

Isn't she a cutie?!

The kids have figured out light switches!! It's hard to be changing someone's diaper in the dark because the other child has just turned out the lights!!

Cutie Cambria

Bubble time outside with Daddy. The kids love playing in the back yard.

Personality plus girl!
Here's Weston trying to get in the doll's stroller! He's such a sweet boy!

Brynlee is either really happy, really mad or really sad. Here she is having one of her tantrums...

Addison loves to hide anywhere--even under chairs.

We took the kids to their first splash pad and they had a blast!! I was shocked because they actually kept their sunglasses on for most of the time!!

Brynlee, Weston and Cambria

Weston and Brynlee

Addison was a little nervous about the water fountains at first and then he got right in the water after a while.

Weston absolutely loved the fountains!

Bryn is all smiles!

The kids love playing outside. Here's Brynlee with a broom--just sweeping the grass.

I love this picture of Cambria and Weston peeking through the grape vine planter. Such cutie pies!

The kids have this awful habit of putting dirt and rocks in their mouths--especially Weston. I found Cambria with this in her mouth!

One of the kids favorite activities to do outside is collect rocks in the buckets. Here's Cambria

Addison is just such a sweet boy and just so laid back. It's so nice to have a kid like him!

I love this picture of Brynlee

Sweet and lady-like Cambria

The kids love to do somersault. Brynlee started everyone else in this activity.

Cambria and Weston have a little obsession with shoes. They love putting on any shoes they can find. It's so cute!

We had a fun playdate at my friend Shelby's house and her triplets. The kids loved their water table.

The kids have learned to push, steal toys, bite, whine, etc. It's not so great!. Lots of time outs are happening around here.

Weston with my high heels on!!

Cambria tried them on also!!

Addison and Weston playing a "lovely" duet on the piano. I love this picture! Such handsome little men!!

Bathtime is always a favorite activity. I try not to bathe all four together very often. It gets a little too crazy and wet!

The kids found a leaky sprinkler in the back yard and had a grand time playing in the mud.

Here's our buddy Weston.

Here's Brynlee

The kids were such a mess, but it brought several moments of peace and happiness into our home so it was worth it!

Weston has become our very busy boy! We kept finding him on top of the toy chest. He's just into everything exploring. As you can see he was pretty proud of himself!

I loved this picture with the kids with their sunglasses on for five seconds. The kids love their walks. Too bad it's getting so hot now in AZ!

Weston got himself stuck in grandpa and grandma's kitchen chair. What a guy!

Another fun play date at Shelby's house. The kids had a blast playing on their large water toy. I was shocked to see them zooming down the slide and loving it!

Here's Addison, Cambria, Weston and Karina's two kids.

There goes Addison

There's goes Cambria

There goes Weston

Brynlee didn't want to have anything to do with that toy!

More park fun!





Cut off Daddy pulling the kids in their wagon

As you can see life is full and fun with four two year olds!!!!!


kentandnellie said...

Jayne, I can't believe how big everyone is getting and how busy they all are. You're such a good mom! Thanks for the great post and I'll see you soon.

D and Brittany Whipple said...

Hey Jayne! Great pictures, it looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! I have been thinking of you lately because my friend just had a her baby here in Florida, on her BATHROOM floor no less!, and named him Weston! Love the name! Hope you're doing well!!

Amber said...

Cute pictures, Jayne! I love to hear about all you guys are doing! I'd call to chat if I wasn't too concerned about interrupting all the busyness in your life. Thanks for sharing your darling family with us! Love you!

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing such cute pictures, Jayne! It is so fun to see all that you guys are up to. Everyone looks so happy and healthy and your attitude is so positive. I'm glad you're doing so well. My brother, Adam, and his wife, Kandis are moving to Mesa this summer-- you'll have to meet up with them. I'd love to chat soon-- I'll call you. Love you!

Janelle said...

Very Cute! Thanks for the update! We missed you and the kiddos at swim lessons.

Jeanette said...

WOW Jayne! That is one impressive post! I love all the pictures. Man, girl, you are my hero. I could not do any of that It is exhausting just looking at those pictures. You are such a fun mom and your kids are sure having fun with you. Thanks for all of the fun pics. Have so much fun in CA and good luck with all the kids. Just remember, its not a vacation with kids, it's just a trip where your kids can see some different scenery. Good luck! Can't wait to resume Del Taco when you get back.

Nelson Family said...

Jayne, Hi there! Wow you are a busy woman. I just had another baby last month, and I feel so tired at the end of the day, but man do I have it easy. So whenever I am feeling defeted at the end of the day, I will think of you and know that I am not that tired. What fun though to have 4 beautiful children. Life is wonderful, even if we are busy. I hope all is going well with you guys. :)
Sharla Nelson

CASSIE said...

OH MY HECK!! You are a better Mom than I, I would have LOST it! I can't believe how big they are getting! Each so cute with their own little personalities!!!

Amy said...

I love the 2 year old stage! It's so much better than the baby stage, they start to communicate, entertain themselves and have so much fun exploring new things! I don't know how much I would love it with 4 at a time though! And sadly I've had to deal with the yucky cribs more than once! You amaze me and your cuties are so lucky to have you!

The Colliers said...

Jayne, It's so much fun to see cute pictures of your family. We love it! It looks like you're enjoying the AZ heat.

Shannon said...

Wow. I can't beleive how big they are. And I thought life was exhausting with one 2 year old.

becky said...

Wow Jayne! If it makes you feel any better, I have had to same diapers taking-off episodes with each of my children. It's just part of the ride. (A messy ride!) Tyler will be so happy to see his cousins at the end of the month!

Missy said...

Great job on the post. I loved seeing the pics. Your kiddos are so cute. You are doing such a great job with them. Keep up the good work!

Alexandra said...

jayne, how do you do it? you are amazing and your kdis are adorable!

CeeJ said...

Jayne.... OH MY GOSH...

Jayne... You are a SAINT.

I can't even tell you how much I admire you... Keeping sane through the tiring, messy, tantrum filled days-- to go right along side the sweet, curious, fun-loving days of your adorable 2 year olds. Wow.

I swear- instant sainthood for you. Or Knighthood or something. You deserve it!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!

c said...

Sheesh - and I thought I had an exausting day until I read this! More power to ya, woman! You are a great mom to be so optimistic! The kids are adorable. I can't believe how much they have grown.

Fowler Farm said...

Cute pictures. Gotta love the pooping in the cribs. Still haven't had any of that yet. Cross my fingers. keep up the good work! Talk to you soon.

Desert Winds said...

Oh Jane! Congratulations! They are all so beautiful. How fun! I just learned today from Amber that you have quads. I was so surprised. It's so great to see how well you handle all of the activity and messes. I have twins and a little boy who is only one year older than my twins, so it has been a little like triplets and I know how busy they keep me. And boy oh boy are they good at making those messes. You are so upbeat. They are all so cute. Congratulations on your beautiful family.