Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

These pictures were taken on the 23rd of December on one of our many walks around our neighborhood. We had a very nice Valentine's Day weekend. Poor Jeremiah came down with a horrible case of strep throat last Wednesday morning, but he felt much better by Saturday. I've never seen him that sick our whole married life. I'm so glad to see him not suffering any more. I've never had strep throat and thank goodness the kids and I didn't get it. The doctor told Jeremiah to stay away from us until the antibiotics kicked in because strep is extremely contagious.
On Saturday while Jeremiah worked on the houses he's flipping, I felt courageous and I let the kids help me make Valentine sugar cookies for daddy. They loved stirring the dough and putting the heart shaped cookie cutters in the dough. It was a little crazy, but we did it and the cookies turned out yummy. I let the kids put sprinkles on one frosted cookie each. Their favorite part was of course eating the cookies. Afterward the kids had fun coloring on the Valentine's I made for them to give to Daddy.
Jeremiah's sweet parents watched the kids for us while Jeremiah and I enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at a restaurant that I'd never been to--Anzio's Landing. It's a restaurant next to a little landing strip. I was so impressed with Jeremiah for picking out such a romantic and unique place to eat for Valentine's Day. It was beautiful to watch the little planes taking off and landing while enjoying the sunset as we ate and visited. I love you hon and I'm so glad that you're my Valentine for life.


becky said...

sorry to hear about the strep. ouch. as always, the pics of your kids are adorable!

The Carlsons said...

Sorry about the strep for your hubby! Yuck! :P Praise God he got better!!

Ah, the choo choo wagon! You picked that up from Stephanie, correct? That is awesome! We've gotta enjoy our gorgeous weather outdoors while we can ;)

It was so nice to finally meet you, in person, a few weeks ago! We really should get together. Friday AMs always work great for us. I don't know what Stephanie's and her kids' schedule looks like but it would be fun to have 3 sets of quads play together :D

Take care and God bless!
-Maria (mom of 23m GGGG and a 5yo boy)