Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freestone Park again, but with Daddy

On Saturday March 6th, Jeremiah and I took the kids to Freestone Park to ride on the cute little train they have there, play on the playground, watch the ducks and have a picnic. It's so rare to have Jeremiah home on a Saturday morning, so since he was, we took advantage of doing something fun with the kids. Jeremiah has been working so hard lately including Saturdays on all of the home he's flipping. I appreciate all the long hours he's putting in to provide for our family, but it's sure nice to have him around! We had a wonderful time and the kids had a blast! The weather right now is just perfect. You've got to love springtime in Arizona.
Weston, Brynlee and Cambria had fun climbing on the little coin-operated carousel.

Cambria and Brynlee

Their little faces looked so cute as they rode on a carousel for the first time.



Weston enjoyed "driving" this old Chevy with Addison on the hood.

Look at Brynlee's happy face! I just love her little dimples!

Addison was having the time of his life!

Isn't Addison just the most handsome little boy?! He loves to swing.

Cambria enjoying the swing.

Daddy with Addison
What handsome boys!

The kids are getting so big. They're learning to climb up ladders and chains to get up on play structures. It amazes me how fast time has flown by. They're almost 3!

Picnic time

Weston, Mommy and Addison on the train

Brynlee, Daddy and Cambria on the train

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c said...

The kiddos are really growing up! You look great, Jayne!