Sunday, January 17, 2010

Four Sick Two and a half Year olds are no fun!

Addison and Weston in the fall leaves--I love this shot of their profiles!
It's been a tough couple of weeks with the kids. We went to my parents' house in California for the week after Christmas and had a wonderful time, but the kiddos came home with a cold. It's just so hard when all four of them are sick. Jeremiah and I honestly thought we might lose our minds with the kids today. So much whining and wanting to be held constantly wears me out. Well, thanks to our dear little Weston, we spent lots of money to take our kids into the doctor
Friday night because he was inconsolable. Our pediatrician has hours at night. Well, all the doctor could tell us was they have a cold. I already knew that!! Oh well!! It's good to know that it's not anything more serious, but just sad that we spent all that money to have all four kids checked out to find out something we already knew!! Well, the one good thing is that doctor said that they are definitely on the tail end of their colds.
On Saturday morning we took the kids on a bike-ride to grandma and grandpa Cluff's house. The kids had a great time playing in the fall leaves, picking and throwing oranges, playing on the swing-set, petting the horses, chasing some roosters and just being with grandma and grandpa. These are some pictures of some fun moments yesterday at grandma and grandpa's house. Good thing I have these pictures to remember how good they were yesterday to erase a very challenging day with the kids today!

Weston climbing up the ladder on the swing-set

Addison getting ready to swing

Cambria loving the swing

Addison, Cambria and Brynlee playing with the oranges

Brynlee getting ready to catch an orange. She can actually catch balls now!

Addison in the fall leaves

Cambria, me, Addison, Weston, Jeremiah and Brynlee on grandma and grandpa's swinging cot

Brynlee and Weston enjoying the horse

Weston and Cambria

Cambria actually gave the horse a kiss --yuck!

Weston, Brynlee, Addison and Cambria checking out the friendly horses

Me and Jeremiah and the kiddos before we rode home


Leah said...

Jayne!! What cute pics! I love the post! How fun to spend time at Grandma's house...I am sorry they have been sick...that is so stressful! Hang in there!

Kathryn said...

Sorry. I guess I will never complain of co-pays with twins again. Mine is only x2 each time, yours is x4. It's so true though, at this age, when one has something the others have it too. No one gets sick alone. You never take just one to the doc. Don't you wish you only had to pay one co-pay since you know it's the same diagnosis for all?

I think they do get a little easier when they hit the 3 year old range as far as health. Not sick as much and when they do get sick, it seems like they lay around more. Good luck with keeping that sanity.

CASSIE said...

How fun that they live close enough! I seriously can't believe how big they are getting!

Rees Family said...

Jayne, I am in complete shock at how big your kids are. I feel like I haven't seen them in forever. It's funny that I feel like I see you frequently, but I never get to see those cute kids of yours. They are adorable and I am so jealous you live so close to such amazing in-laws. Love the posts. Keep them coming.

The Carlsons said...

So sorry you all were sick! I TOTALLY hear you on having 4 sick at once. Well, for us it's 5, the quads and our son too. We just got over the nasty RSV here. BLECH! Lots of meds x4 and then breathing treatments x4 for the girlies.

Praying you all can stay healthy for the remainder of this season!!
-Maria, fellow quad mom of 23mo GGGG and a 5yo boy