Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Kids are Finally Healthy!

After a month of illness, the kids are finally healthy. It's so great to have them back to their normal selves. These little kids are growing up so fast and are getting so smart and at times sassy! When the kids were younger I used to tell my sister Jeannine how I couldn't ever imagine getting really angry with my kids or that anything they did would ever bother me because they used to be so sweet all the time. She assured me that the time would come. How sad that they have to grow up and turn into little people with strong emotions at times. No it's not sad, it's good, but hard to deal with four little people at once with strong emotions and learning that they can be naughty if they want to. Cambria, Addison, Weston and Brynlee really are great little kids, but time-outs are a common occurrence around here. Especially with my cute Brynlee and cuddly Weston. These two truly try my patience. Not that Addison and Cambria are perfect--they're not. They also get time outs, but Brynlee and Weston are my more high strung children and more prone to anger. However, Addison and Cambria are more prone to whining. So, they all have their great parts and more trying parts. It's so interesting how I have two of each personality type. Addison and Cambria are more laid back.

One day this month, Maria and I took the kids on a walk on the canal to feed the ducks. It was their first time to do this! They absolutely loved it!

Last night as the kids were being put to bed I took some cute shots of them.

Here's my cute Weston in his crib tent with his stethoscope on. Weston is my rough and tumble little boy who can be so sweet and cuddly one moment and then angry and into all sorts of trouble the next. Weston has the cutest and loudest voice. He and I went to Walmart this week and everything he saw that he recognized, he would yell it out for the whole store to hear. We're working on the inside voice thing. Weston knows his colors really well. I love this shot of him with his doctor gear on because it reminds me of my brother Stephen. My mom told me that Stephen was just like Weston when he was little and now Stephen is just the nicest guy. That gives me hope that my rough little guy can turn out like his uncle Stephen who's a plastic surgeon. I could imagine Weston with a career where he gets to take things apart and put them back together like a surgeon does. Right now he's especially good at the taking things apart part.

Here's my handsome, sweet Addison in his crib. Addison is just such an easy-going little kid. He is definitely learning though to ignore our requests for him to come to us to get ready for bed. It seems like Addison has a body made of rubber. He is a little gymnast and is very tough on his own body. He's talking so much these days, but it's so hard to understand some of his words. Addison loves to make the sign for "cold" from the Signing Time videos to make us laugh. Addison also knows his colors really well. This week was my sister Jeannine's B-day and I took Addison with me to bring her breakfast. He probably said "Aunt Nini" about 50 times as we drove there and when he saw her at church he said her name many times also. He loves to say "An Nini".

Here's my skinny, sweet and sassy Brynlee before bed. Brynlee is such a sweet little cuddler. She wants me to constantly hold her and says often "hold you". It's very endearing, but tough when I have three other kids to tend to. I've always said that Brynlee has the toughest time being a quadruplet. Brynlee loves to sing and speaks so well and remembers the words to many songs. It's so cute to hear her singing in her crib many songs. Some of her favorite songs are: the Barny "I Love You" song, "It's More Fun to Share" and "Nap Time" from Yo Gabba Gabba, the colors song, the clean up song, etc. She just loves to sing and has such a good memory. Brynlee is a very smart girl! Unfortunately, one of her favorite things to say right now is "no" and "I don't want it". She's definitely learning to show us that she has her free agency.

Here's Cambria reading her books before bed. Cambria is my sweet and caring little girl. She definitely is learning to whine and learning to ignore us when we request her help. She's probably tired of always helping everyone because it's so a part of her personality. Cambria is talking a lot these days and is constantly trying to have a conversation with us by asking us the questions "What are you doing now?" or "What happened?" and she always uses our names when she asks us those questions. It is so adorable! During church yesterday it was so cute because she was feeding Addison her Cheerios. Her generosity amazes me at her age.


The Carlsons said...

Yay! I'm SO happy that the kids are all feeling much better. Praise God! I love healthy kids too, fun playing with them and seeing them be happy and smiley :D

Love the bedtime pics. Cutie patooties ;)
-Maria, fellow quad mom of 23mo GGGG and a 5yo boy

Kathryn said...

Hurray for healthier kiddos.

I once made the big mistake of saying that I thought that dealing with infertility made it where I was more patient with my kids cause I had to work so hard to get them here. Then they grew up and started whining and having tempers and the ability to talk back. It's hard. Fun cause you can do more things with them, but very very hard.

kentandnellie said...

I'm glad they're feeling better and I love seeing and reading about their little personalities. I can't wait to see you all during Spring Training!

becky said...

So cute, Jayne! Glad they are all feeling better.

Rees Family said...

I DO NOT think that post was negative or made you look bad at all. I think it was really sweet and REAL! We all go through a time when we struggle with our kids and really truly think we are not going to make it through the day. At least they do grow out of it. Brooklyn definitely had some terrible 2s, but she is by far my easiest kid now. So don't worry, there is a light at the end of the terrible two tunnel. It was so fun chatting with you yesterday.