Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be grateful for!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year at grandma and grandpa Cluff's house with Jeremiah's sisters and their families and Jeremiah's aunt and uncle and their families. In the morning we went on a family walk on the canal with my sister Jeannine and her family. Unfortunately, right before we walked out the door, Brynlee tripped over her feet and hit her head on the corner of a door jam. She got the hugest goose egg on her forehead and the day before she got a black eye in the bath tub when she hit her eye on Cambria's head. This is the age of accidents!You can't tell very well from this picture, but Brynlee has a large goose egg forming on her forehead and a black eye.

Here are the boys before our walk. On our walk with the Pearts it started to rain. We ended up running back to the house for the remainder of the walk in the pouring down rain.

Jeremiah and I realized that Thanksgiving will never be the same with kids as it was before. Having four hungry babies to feed isn't exactly relaxing. Here's Brynlee in grandma and grandpa's old high chair that Jeremiah used to eat in. She loved the rolls!
Here's Cambria enjoying her roll.

Here's Addison and Weston enjoying their meal. I know you're wondering why they have pink bibs on. These are the best bibs for catching food that falls from their mouth and hands and I got them from my sister and all she had was pink. The Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. I make a broccoli and cauliflower salad every year we have Thanksgiving with the Cluffs.

The kids' favorite part of the day was playing outside in grandma and grandpa's large back yard. Grandpa even pulled them around in a wagon behind his lawn mower.

Jeremiah got out his fancy camera and took some great shots of the babies. He is very good at photography. Here's Cambria and her adorable curls. I'm so glad she got daddy's hair and not mine!

I love the lighting in this picture of Brynlee

Weston is just all boy! He's rough and tough and always getting into grimy stuff. Here he is exploring grandpa's old cans of rotting screws.
Addison and Cambria--I think that they look a lot alike.
Here's our sweet little lady, Cambria These shots of Addison are so great!

Brynlee and mommy--mommy's smiling in this shot.

Brynlee and mommy-Bryn is smiling in this shot!

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Burts said...

Jayne! I love seeing your updates. Your kids show so much personality in their photos. they are darling. You look fabulous! Who would think that 4 babies came from that tiny body of yours. So cute.