Monday, December 8, 2008

The Four Little M&M's

Our 4 little M&M's on HALLOWEEN NIGHT
Grandma and Cambria with her two favorite fingers
Addison playing with his cousin Parker



Aunt Cheri and me struggling to get the kids to sit down for a picture--yeah right!!

Me and Addison in a zone

Doesn't Weston have the most beautiful eyes?

Brynlee has the classic Alfred Hitchcock bottom lip--such a doll she is!

Cambria and Weston digging into a treat bowl outside of our neighbor's home

At our ward's annual trunk or treat, 4 of the girls in our ward dressed up as our babies for Halloween. I thought it was a very cute idea!

Here are the quads with the Halloween costumed quads

Weston with daddy at the trunk or treat

Addison is just so handsome!

Cambria's curls are just beautiful!

Brynlee with our dear friend and adopted aunt-Christi (Such a great costume!)

I'm sure you've all been wondering what our babies were for Halloween. It's almost Christmas and I'm finally getting a post up. We've had computer issues! Believe it or not, Jeremiah and I made them M&M costumes. I sewed the costumes, but Jeremiah had the whole pattern in his head. He even cut out all of the M's. Our first attempt at the costume was a flop. We made a pillow-looking thing that barely fit over the kids' heads because it was so stuffed full of cotton. Then we moved to simplify and I'm so happy that they actually worked out. Everyone wore the color they were assigned at birth. Cambria-pink, Brynlee-yellow, Addison-blue and Weston-green. From birth we always tried to give them bottles and other items in their color to keep their stuff separated.
We had our ward trunk or treat a couple of days before Halloween and the babies loved walking around and Jeremiah and I loved getting lots of candy because of our kids.
Halloween was fun! I don't know if the kids really got it, but it was fun to go trick or treating with them at our neighbors' homes. We were courageous and tried to let them walk around to the doors. It got a bit crazy as they all ran different directions.


Leah said...

YAY! I have been waiting to see these little outfits! I love them! You guys did such a good job! And what cute little walkers too....I'm glad you got blogger to work for ya...

Mandy said...

What a cute costume idea! I am so glad that they turned out! I love the color coordination by name. My sister and I are a year apart and all of her stuff was blue and mine was pink. That way we could tell our stuff apart!

becky said...

So cute, Jayne! When did you find time to sew? We think of you guys all the time--especially when Tyler gets into trouble. I know that your four cuties are following closely behind his dangerous lead! He has learned to climb out of his highchair and his crib. I hope that never happens to you. See you in a few weeks.