Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma and Uncle Ray's Birthday Party

On March 7th Jeremiah's family got together at our house to celebrate Grandma Cluff and Ray's birthdays. Ray is Jeremiah's brother-in-law and the kids now call him Uncle Ray after much practice with Ray having them repeat his name. Our kids absolutely have a blast with Uncle Ray. He's a great play structure for the kids to play on. This post is just a collection of some cute pictures of the kids from that night.

Mommy and Weston...I just love this rough and tumble little boy!

I just love my sweet little Brynlee!

Addison had fun playing with the tissue paper from the gifts.

I just bought the boys some new baseball hats and I love it how Addison put his on backwards just how Daddy wears his baseball hats. I love my handsome, sweet Addison!

Here's Brynlee and Cambria with their biggest fan--Grandma. I'm so grateful to my in-laws, Paul and Rochelle, for all the love they show my children.

I just bought these shirts at Old Navy and I just cracked up when I saw the year 1994 on the back of their shirts like this was so long ago. That was the year I graduated from high school. I am getting old!

I love this pictures of Addison just chilling in Ray's b-day present. That's Uncle Ray in the background.

Ah....sister love.

These are just some sweet shots of the gang all together in their new clothes. It amazes me how much joy these four little people have brought to my life. I feel so lucky to be their mommy.
Weston, Brynlee, Cambria and Addison

Weston and Addison with their Aunt Cheri

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