Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Little Lady--Miss Cambria

Our sweet Cambria is getting so fun and grown up these days. I can't believe how much she's talking and what a cute little lady she's becoming. I feel so blessed to be her mommy. Cambria makes life so fun and truly brings me so much joy. She is constantly making me laugh with the cute things she does and says. Tonight while Jeremiah and I were getting the kids ready for bed, we looked over and Cambria was riding on our two little rocking horses side-by-side at the same time. While we were saying family prayers, she climbed on my back and then after prayers I crawled around with her on my back and pretended that I was a horse. When horsey time was over I made a snoring sound and said that I was tired. She patted my face and said "you okay" and put her pointer finger to her lips and said "shhh." She must have thought I was sad or something. Cambria loves to brush our hair and run her fingers through her daddy's hair. He loves it when she does that. Cambria is very polite. Often when I bring her milk in the morning to her crib she says "Thank you mommy." Those words just warm my heart. She gives the best hugs and kisses and says "I love you mommy." It's so cute to see the kids expressing their feelings of love verbally more and more. Cambria's favorite words are "What are you doing mommy?" It's so cute to see her trying to instigate a conversation with me and Jeremiah. After I've answered her question she'll tell me what she's doing and so I've learned to ask her the same question back so she can tell me what she's doing also. She loves to clean up using a rag and her new thing is when she's sees that we're done eating our food, she loves to carry our plates to the sink. I'm amazed at how aware and thoughtful she is of other people's needs. She's is just such a happy, sweet, little girl.
The scene below is quite common around here. Cambria loves to put on my high heels and I swear she walks better in heels than I do and I'm 30 years older than she is. She really is just a natural at being a cute little lady. She found my baseball hat and put that on too. Later I found Weston trying to walk around in those same heels. He wasn't quite as good at it as Cambria, which is a good thing.
Isn't she a cutie!!


Leah said...

Sweetest little sis....that is fun that you wrote all those things down about her....what a little lady for sure...and I love the heels....

Amber said...

What a cute little lady! I love that she loves walking in heels!