Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Kids Climbing the Tree

It's been a beautiful winter with lots of sunshine mixed with some very rainy days. I just love rainy days! On February 16th, I ventured out into the neighborhood with the kids to let them ride their tricycles. Only Weston has totally figured out how to ride his. My neighbors from across the street came to visit with us. I got talking to them and then noticed that Weston was up in our little tree in our front yard. He is my child that is always discovering new things and getting into lots of trouble and messes. Of course he'd be the one to figure out how to climb a tree first! He's such a smart and curious little boy! The other kids had fun following his lead. This little tree almost died after it fell over after a big storm several years ago, but Jeremiah kept working with it and now it's the perfect little tree for the kids to climb.

Addison isn't as strong as Weston, but he worked so hard to get himself up in that tree.

Brynlee got herself up in the tree and Weston had fun swinging from one of the branches.

Here's monkey man (Weston) himself up in the tree. Isn't he cute? Ever since he was little Jeremiah has called him monkey man because he had pj's with monkeys on the feet and he sure has lived up to his name.

Cambria enjoying the little tree.

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