Saturday, October 11, 2008

Daddy and kids playing with a basket

These pictures were taken on August 13th. The babies were 14 months old. The babies love to crawl in baskets and have daddy push them around.
In this picture, Cambria is pushing daddy, Weston and Brynlee are in the basket and Addison is crawling away.
Brynlee loves to stick her fingers in daddy's and mommy's mouth.
Cambria behind Daddy and Brynlee
Cambria and Weston watching Daddy get Brynlee out of the basket
Weston and Addison trying to crawl on top of the basket


CASSIE said...

What a great toy those laundry baskets are...thats one of Drew favorite things to do with the kids...he stuffs pillows in them and whips them around the house!

c said...

What is it with laundry baskets? Ours have been a favorite with each of our kids too. Fun times.

Franco Fab Five said...

I love laundry baskets. My kids get the biggest kick out of them. I once left my kids to be babysat at my mother's house. When we came back to retrieve them, they were in a laundry basket in the backyard while the uncles bounced them on the trampoline. I was scared to death but the kids loved every minute of it.