Thursday, October 16, 2008

Playing in the Sand at the Park

On October 2nd, the second day of no morning naps, we spent the morning on a walk to the park by our house. The kids loved playing in the sand. It's amazing how dirty kids get when you actually let them play in the dirt. It's probably about time that my kids no longer live the sheltered life.
Cambria loved scooping sand into her bucket.

Brynlee enjoying the sand toys

Addison, Brynlee, Weston and Cambria getting busy in the sand

Weston kept on crawling out of the sand box.
Here's Weston with dirt all over his face because he fell in the sand face first!
Addison hanging out with Karina in the sand


Ellsworth's said...

I love the park, my niece has been taking my kids to the park twice a week and they love it. You should see how much sand Cheyenne gets in her ears.

CASSIE said...

You're braver than me...I have yet to let Ranan in the sand...afraid of the mess and him eating it!

Franco Fab Five said...

They are sooo darling. I love their big blue eyes. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful family. Glad that you are all doing so well.