Saturday, October 11, 2008

Play date with the Mast Quadruplets

On September 10th, we had a play date with my friend Stephanie's quadruplets. It was quite an adventure with two moms and eight kids under three years old. Stephanie was nice enough to have us over to her home. It's so nice to have a friend who completely understands the joys and craziness of quadruplets! Stephanie was always a great mentor to me while I was pregnant and is now.
Me, Mast, Cluff, Mast, Cluff,Cluff,Mast, Cluff, Mast, Stephanie
--in case you were wondering which kid belongs to who.


CASSIE said...

Thats crazy..I love that you two are dressed alike!

Rebecca said...

What are the chances you would know another family of quadruplets??? How did you guys find each other?

The Carlsons said...

i didn't know you knew stephanie m? i know her too! she has been SO kind to me, too...calling me while i was in the hospital and putting up with my calls to her on quad tips and such. how cool that you two (plus all of the kids :) ) got together! now, just imagine if my kids and i were to join you 10 ;) hey, we should make a quad moms group ;) i know of two other moms with quads in the area that could join us ;)

glad you had a good time together!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Franco Fab Five said...

Wow, I bet that you needed a nap after that one. I am amazed at the fact that there is someone near you that has a set of quads to. Jayne, you look amazing. I am really impressed. What is your secret? Oh yeah, chasing 4 kidlets would do that to you.

Fowler Farm said...

So cute. That is a lot of kids with only two birthdays. I thought our playdates were crazy! haha.